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Petts Wood

Orpington, London

A four-bedroom previously converted property in Petts Wood, Orpington, Kent. The original request was to update and remodel the ground and first floors.

Work included specialist propping solutions, remedial work to stop ground floor flooding (installation of a French Drain), and a kitchen refit including bespoke storage. Updates to the sitting room, bathroom and shower room, bedrooms and halls and landing.


Architectural/Structural Design
Project management

Type of work

Remodelling and refurbishment
Interior refit

Pic showing updated steel supports in the roof
Series of pics showing the steel supports in place
Pic showing detail of steel support footing


Remodelling required the removal of the main ground floor load-bearing walls and adding a first-floor steel ring beam.


Specialist propping was employed to take the weight of the upper floors.

Series of pics showing the downstairs being opened up
Series of pics showing work on the downstairs kitchen
Series of pics showing supports being added to patio door remodelling
Pic showing the steel support in place over the patio doors


During work, it was discovered that the new rear extension was flooding internally.


To resolve, a french drain was installed to remove any surface rainwater into a grey water harvesting tank that pumped to the main drainage system.

Series of pics showing French Drain being fitted
Pic showing the replaced patio
Series of pics showing the ground floor flooring process
Series of pics showing the bedroom and landing progress
Series of pics showing the shower room progress
Series of pics showing the lit alcove under construction