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Upwell Hall

Upwell Village, Norfolk

Working in partnership with English Heritage. A Full refurbishment, sympathetic to the Grade 2 listed status of the Hall.

Work was to be carried out not just to the main building but also three rear extensions. Bringing the Hall up to date and suitable for modern living. 


Architectural Design
Project management
Bespoke joinery

Type of work

Remodelling and refurbishment
Restoration and conservation

Pic looking at the back of Upwell Hall from the garden
Pic showing plans for the lower floor
Pic showing plan for the upper floor
Series of pics showing two stages of work within a corridor at the Hall
A series of pics showing work inside the hall and in an extension


Certain rooms had restricted work guidelines due to the restoration of original features.


Specialist contractors and approved materials and methods were employed. An example being the use of lime plaster.

Series of pics showing the restoration work process of the centre ceiling rose.
Series of pics showing a restored chandelier and banister rail original features.


It was required that all of the seven bedrooms have en suite bathroom facilities.


Achieved except one which required a remodelling of an existing laundry room to create a family bathroom.

Series of pics showing the work progress on one of the bathrooms
Series of pics showing a before and after shot of one of the bathrooms.
Series of pics showing the restoration of the downstairs bathroom floor that was converted from an existing laundry room.
Pic showing progress work on one of the larger bathrooms
Pic showing starting work to remodel the main bathroom Pic showing a view of the finished bathroom looking towards the window from the door
Pic showing the main bathroom looking back towards the door during remodelling Pic showing the finished bathroom looking back towards the door
Pic showing the restoration work being undertaken in one of the corridors Pic showing the fully restored corridor